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How To Implement The Three Questions

The Three Questions work because you are creating and reinforcing a relationship with your customer. And you are paying them the compliment of asking their input. Everyone likes positive attention – so be positive! Don’t act like you are a burden to them. You are asking their opinion on a few things. It makes them…
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These Three Questions Will Raise Your Income By 10% (And Customer Satisfaction Too)

Here are three fundamental questions you should ask your customers every time you speak with them. Why do you buy from me? Why did you choose me over my competitors? How can I earn more business from you?   I remember working with one company about to launch a new marketing campaign. We had called several…
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The Important Question Most CEOs Can’t Answer

“What is the name of your banker?” “Chase,” she responded. “Not your bank. Your banker.” Most CEOs I work with have no idea who is responsible for their banking relationship. And that’s a problem. Your banker is often the best source of short-term capital, critical to bridge the costs of your company’s growth. To buy…
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Are You Leading Or Complaining?

My son played basketball in his teens, and one day I was searching the Internet for a summer skills camp. I came across a video of a coach teaching his players. The coach on the video said leadership is the entire team’s job, not just one person’s. You need to know the play. You need…
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Managing The Two “Black Holes” of Business

Marketing and Customer Service are the two “black holes” of business. Both are critical, but neither is ever complete. Unlike more tangible areas of work there is no “quota” to exceed, there is no “inventory” to manage, there is no “work order” to complete. But no matter how much is invested in Marketing and Customer…
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The Only Thing Worse Than Getting It Wrong

I hate my smartphone. It lets me make and receive phone calls… sometimes. It tells me when I receive a voice mail… sometimes. It receives and sends texts… sometimes even on the same day that I or the other person intends. It helps me keep my calendar… sometimes, but never works when I need to…
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