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The Best Non-Profits Have Much In Common With For-Profits

Over the years I’ve had the blessing of serving non-profits as a volunteer, board member, leadership coach, and as a strategy and performance evaluator. And one big thing has jumped out at me. The best non-profits have much in common with for-profits. Especially in terms of goal setting and strategies. They don’t mistake good works…
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A Crisis in Business Identity

A company who hit a business downturn contacted me, seeking my help with improving their alignment and efficiency. The deeper I dug I realized this was not an alignment issue. It was an identity crisis. The company had grown quickly. Their rapid success had the company running to keep up, and the inflow of money…
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The Elephant and the Brown Fur Seals (An Elephant Tale)

The Elephant decides it’s time to start a new employee recognition program by doing this he can personally recognize the staff. He calls this program the Frequent Incentive for Staff Happiness or F.I.S.H. His HR Director quickly puts it in place and has F.I.S.H certificates printed up allowing him to hand them out. Each time…
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Practices That Dull Competence and Integrity

Competence is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Competence is fundamental to efficiency, good work and performance. Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided. This requires honesty, and having strong and unified principles. Integrity is essential for teamwork, quality and customer service. Why highlight these two traits?Og A lack of competence…
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Whatever Happened To Wisdom?

I compiled a list of top leadership traits according to business periodicals, educational institutions, and leadership organizations, and “top 10 lists” (with a few social media pundits for good measure). Here are the top 10 leadership traits from my compilation. Communication Decisiveness Honesty Integrity Confidence Passion Vision Courage Focus Humility What I discovered caused me…
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The Elephant and His Brother-In-Law

“I just don’t get it!” trumpeted the Elephant. “We have a great product! We have a great reputation! And our service is unparalleled!” “Why are our competitors growing so much faster than us!” he complained to the consultant. The consultant looked at the pile of papers before her, all information she requested of the Elephant.…
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