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Four Responsibilities A CEO Cannot Delegate (and why)

One of the most common tasks I have is to help a CEO in writing their own job description. Since they work in a variety of industries and possess diverse talents and strengths, much of the job description is different for each individual. But there are four responsibilities essential to a CEO’s job description and…
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A Powerful Tool and Underutilized Tool for Business Leaders

It Is Lonely At The Top Yeah it’s a cliché, but it’s also true. I’ve mentioned this in several postings because it is something every CEO has to deal with to achieve clarity and peace of mind. One underutilized tool to help with this is a CEO peer groups (also called CEO roundtables). A CEO…
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Super Hero or Super Team

One of my clients had a short-term opportunity in his line of business as a result of external forces (think demand for gas generators and bottled water after a hurricane). And they jumped on it to take full advantage. They worked all weekend to get the extra product and then had a long week fulfilling…
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Four Things Your Accountant Should Have Told You When You Started Your Business

Here are four things your accountant should have told you when you started your business. Cash is King. Income is good. Profit is great. But you can’t pay your bills or your employees with either. You need Cash. Cash is King. Growth typically means you need more cash to pay your expenses up front before…
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Turning Your Thoughts Into Action

If you are like most CEOs I know your head is overflowing with many new and exciting ideas. New products. Sales promotions. Program enhancements. Innovative equipment. Better customer engagement. There are also not so exciting things in your head. Worries about cash flow. Increasing the margin on sales. Managing inventory and overstock items. Poor quality…
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The Elephant and the Holiday Bonus

The newest Elephant Tale. The Elephant had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend with his family, and was in great holiday spirit. Near the end of his executive meeting he announced, “I want to take 10 minutes for one more thing. A companywide holiday bonus!” The executives murmured in excitement and surprise. The Elephant had never given…
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