I’m seeking 10 business owners who are tired of pretending things are “fine.”

It is a common situation. More than one might think. Not always from the same cause, but for the same reason.

For example:

• The company is successful, but you are frustrated at the slowness or lack of growth.
• The company has plateaued, and you can’t seem to get it going no matter what you do.
• The company is heading someplace you don’t want to go. Like downhill. Or financial failure. And your old bag of tricks isn’t working.

You hate going to work each day, watching the same people, use the same processes to create the same products for the same customers. It used to work. But not anymore. And isn’t this the definition of insanity?

So I’m seeking 10 business owners who are tired of pretending things are “fine” and are ready to do something about it.

It is time to “break a few eggs” to get the company going again.

But how does one decide what “eggs” to break? And how, and when, to break them?

That’s why I created the Breaking Eggs Roundtable. It is a series of online meetings of business owners and CEOs who need to find answers in this same situation. Most importantly, they are willing to be transparent about not having all the answers and humble enough to seek help from others. The Breaking Eggs Roundtable is a group of peer advisors with whom to discuss your ideas and issues, who will evaluate and challenge your methods, and support you in and throughout execution. And you will do the same for your peer members.

You won’t make the journey alone. After all, “breaking eggs” does get messy,

If you are interested in this idea and want to become a member, or have a few questions, use this link to set up a short interview.

Or, if you prefer working one to one with a coach and mentor to assist you through this process, I am available to help you find the clarity, alignment, and plan to get you on your way. Click here for information about coaching.



“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind
than the one where they sprang up.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

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