The business owner was an experienced dog trainer who needed to turn her part-time venture into a full-time business.

She advertised “Dog Training” and received a good number of inquiries weekly.

But most of the people who called wanted “sit, stay and fetch” for $20 an hour. Her offering was four 2-hour sessions at $100 per hour for an agenda of training and behavior modification, performed one-on-one, and at the client’s home.

We did a little work on strategy and the sales message. “Dog Training” became “Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People.” Value promised with “Guaranteed Results.” Differentiated with “In-Home Training. One-on-One.”

Closing Strong

In the business owner’s words “within two weeks of meeting with him, I was closing nearly 100% in sales while charging double my previous rates.“ She did a great job of following the strategy we devised. Seven months later, she had to hire two trainers to keep up with demand and more than doubled her income.

You can use this approach to sell anything.

  1. Change the focus, so your prospect sees themselves in the message. The prospect doesn’t care about you until they see themselves first. And you don’t care about inquiries from non-prospects.
  2. Convert the message from a product (or service) to an issue. The prospect decides the need (value) for a product. The impact of an issue determines the need. If you sell need you influence the purchase criteria and the budget (price).
  3. Propose a logical solution to the issue. Influence the prospect toward an agreement with the same type of approach as your offering. Get the prospect nodding their head to gain momentum.
  4. Now offer YOUR solution. The best solution, because YOU are the expert. Move them along the process to close.

Let me know how it works for you.




“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about,
they’ll define your brand’s story for you.”

– David Brier

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