We just sold our house. It is a great house, and we enjoyed raising our family in it, but now my wife and I are empty nesters, so it is no longer a great fit. We are moving on to something new.

Your personal life changes, and so do your needs. The same is true for your business – as it matures, gets more prominent, and older, your business’ needs change too.

What are you doing that is new? What is your business doing that is new?

Trying something new is an essential part of healthy life and growth. Recall how often you did that when you first started your business. You tried many new things. If you got a good result, you did it again. If you got a good result the second time, you institutionalized it within your process. If you got a bad result, you tried it again carefully. If you got another bad result, you forget about it and moved on to something else.

Remember? You were constantly trying new things to figure out the best way to market and operate your business.

Here’s the challenge for many established businesses. The business gets comfortable and naturally favors what is time-proven and keeps doing the same thing and thinking the same way. The business may be financially successful and even experiencing growth. Tried and true is an excellent way of “harvesting” your investments of the past, but it is vital to plant the “right seeds” for the future. The danger is complacency, stopping trying new things. And what are you at risk of when you only do the same things over and over?

Back to selling the house. Realizing a house doesn’t fit you when you’ve lived in it a long time, and it is financially comfortable takes some effort. And here is how we are doing something new. We don’t have any idea where we will move. Exploring all the possibilities is good for the soul. At the end of the day, probably nothing too crazy, something that fits better. But if the first place isn’t a good fit. We’ll just try something new.

What are you doing that is new? What is your business doing that is new?

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Success breeds complacency.
Complacency breeds failure.
Only the paranoid survive.

Andy Grove

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