I speak with dozens of business owners every month, but one recent conversation stood out. Mike Mogell, the owner of Clean Sweep Office Cleaning, surprised me by saying he grew his business by 30% in 2020!

The Covid-19 pandemic hit Clean Sweep Office Cleaning hard as companies closed and employees were sent home to work, leaving office spaces vacant. By April, Clean Sweep had lost one-third of their business. Devastating.

I asked Mike how he responded. He used the basics of a business pivot.

1. Find the customers who are already spending money on what you do. Business survival is a massive concern for Mike. Like many others, he felt like the world was closing down. Clean Sweep was deemed an essential business so he could remain open, but where would he find more work? One day it hit him. Mike contacted the other companies defined as essential businesses. After all, he knew they had the highest likelihood of being open during the pandemic and needing cleaning services.

2. Solve new problems with your offering. Clean Sweep had always offered light disinfecting services, but now Mike increased the disinfecting level to address the heightened Covid-19 concerns. This gave businesses another reason to choose him as their cleaning solution. And he was able to do this through partnering, giving him a better, more relevant solution, at a higher price, with no increased cost to his business.

3. Don’t assume your potential customers know about you. Mike decided to implement social media to increase his company’s profile. But he deployed social media in addition to his other efforts. Mike called his current and former clients personally. And in Mike’s words, he was active with his “mouth, feet, and face.” Social media makes you visible, but people still buy from people.

Not only did Clean Sweep increase its revenues in 2020, but it also increased business momentum. Clean Sweep added 15 new customers in December 2020 and January 2021 alone! Great success story! Great pivot!

If you’d like to speak to Mike and learn more about how he accomplished this, click here to email him.

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