True entrepreneurs possess an amazing superpower – a peculiar type of myopia that makes everything seem possible.

The entrepreneur sees a gap, an inefficiency, an opportunity, and their passion fulfills the need better. Money is never their top priority.  The entrepreneur sees the goal so vividly all the problems and obstacles fade into the background.  “Normal” people see more clearly.  They know the impracticality, the issues, the risk, and the improbability of success, and it causes them to seek safer grounds.  For the entrepreneur, improbability is not only part of the fun; it is necessary for passion.

As the business grows and demands more excellent resources, the entrepreneur “corrects” their myopia transactionally.  They acknowledge areas where they are not knowledgeable and seek professional help.  Due to their inexperience, the entrepreneur seeks “transactional” assistance from experienced professionals with the goal of “keeping me out of trouble.” The standard of performance and investment is on “not doing things wrong” instead of “doing things right.”  The result is professional “rules,” but the “rules” are only laid on top of the culture and workflow instead of integrated within them.

The next stage in the business’ evolution is the greatest challenge for the entrepreneur.  The entrepreneur finds their value and contribution shifting from HOW to WHY.  The entrepreneur’s chief responsibility is to formulate and communicate a clear vision for the business and optimize its performance.  The skills required to make this transition don’t usually evolve naturally or easily learned from books and courses.  Now is when the entrepreneur will most benefit from an experienced “professional best friend.”

If this sounds like the challenge you are facing, don’t try to do it alone.  Find “professional best friends” to confer with, learn from, vent to, and bounce your ideas off to help you find the clarity and strategy you seek. Excellent resources are executive networking associations, CEO peer groups, or executive coaches, all of which are widely available.  If you don’t have a resource you favor at this time, perhaps you’ll give me a try.  Click here to schedule a day and time to talk.

True entrepreneurs possess an amazing superpower – a peculiar type of myopia that makes everything seem possible.  But don’t let it become your kryptonite.




Having a superpower has nothing to do with the ability
to fly or jump, or superhuman strength.
The truest superpowers are the ones we all possess:
willpower, integrity, and most importantly, courage.

– Jason Reynolds

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