I thought it was obvious the answer is no.  Yet a Google search produced 111,000,000 results of debate, justification, and philosophizing in less than one second.  Regardless of the discussion, the end never justifies the means.  This belief is an essential part of humanity.

I know you already know this. Still, sometimes amid the pressures of attaining goals, delighting your customers, providing great jobs for your employees, and meeting the expectations of your stakeholders and financiers, there is the temptation to settle for the “wide gate” instead of fighting for the best way.

Consider the examples we’ve seen of broken cultures in companies like Uber and WeWork. Even more that investors like Softbank seek financial dominance over beneficial outcomes.  And what is a Fortune 150 CEO lacking to knowingly and willingly break rules they know will cost them their job?  

What gets forgotten is that the purpose of business is to improve life for people.  When we get that wrong, the fundamentals of decision making are lost, and that is only one small step from making poor decisions.

Here is where a coach can help.  A coach will help you make better decisions by helping keep in mind who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

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“If I want to deprive you of your watch, I shall certainly have to fight for it; if I want to buy your watch, I shall have to pay for it; and if I want a gift, I shall have to plead for it; and, according to the means I employ, the watch is stolen property, my own property, or a donation. Thus we see three different results from three different means. Will you still say that the means do not matter?”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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