A friend of mine tells a story about when he took a job helping a sheepherder in New Zealand (yes, he lived a much more interesting life than I).

He and the sheepherder drove out to the pasture where the sheep were grazing.  The sheepherder told him to walk over to the dogs were and let them off their leashes.

“Then what?” he asked.

“I’ll take it from there,” the sheepherder replied.

My friend walked over to the dogs and released them.  As soon as he did, the dogs ran off in all directions.

The sheepherder began to gesture and whistle.  The dogs immediately followed his direction, guiding the sheep into the corral.

“That’s amazing!” my friend said.  “How do you teach them to do that?”

“The hardest thing is to teach them to run,” said the sheepherder. “Once you get them running it’s much simpler to get them to change direction.”

Be Action Oriented

That’s a lesson for business – and life.  You can keep working on your technique.  You can increase your knowledge.  You can continue to research the market.  You can analyze the opportunity in more depth.  You can keep on thinking.  But the longer you stand still the result will be the same.  Nothing.

So get started!  Make a decision!  No business plan ever works out the way you expect.  You’ll figure it out along the way.

And if you’d like someone to help you start running, or a guide to support you along the way, contact me here.


Chief Sherpa




“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. “

– Mark Twain

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