Almost anything is better than 110% effort, because 110% effort doesn’t exist.  Calling for 110% effort is like watching a race and yelling for the runner to “go faster.”  It doesn’t have any effect.

Set a Clear Goal

If a runner wants to run faster, they will likely have to approach things differently and better.  Better performance comes from working with a coach as a second pair of eyes to identify which of your methods are working and which are not.  By working with their coach to evaluate the things obstructing their clarity, to examine their training methods, and to find a better way.  You know, develop a plan with a clear goal engineered for success.

Consider the example of Eliud Kipchoge, who recently broke the 2-hour barrier for running a marathon.  He did not do this in a traditional race, but in an event engineered to allow him the best conditions to succeed as his goal was the accomplishment – not a world record.  Clarity of intent and a plan allowed him to accomplish something never done before!

What is better than 110% effort?  A specific goal and a plan to achieve it.

If you struggle with creating goals and plans (or vision and strategies), I can help.

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