The original Karate Kid movie was released in 1984, a coming of age story of Daniel, a young man, whose mentor and best friend is an elderly Japanese maintenance man, Mr. Miyagi.  The movie is an excellent blend of teen angst, Asian wisdom, and martial arts.

One of my favorite scenes is when Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel how to form a bonsai tree.  The scene reads as follows (or you can click here to view it on YouTube).

Mr. Miyagi tells Daniel to close his eyes and says, “Think only tree.  Make perfect picture down to last pine needle. Nothing exist whole world. Only tree.  You got it?”

Daniel nods.

“Remember picture?”, says Miyagi.  


“Make like picture.  Just trust picture.”, Miyagi instructs.

Still hesitant, Daniel asks, “How do I know if my picture is the right one?”

Miyagi confirms, “If come from inside you, always the right one.”

It is a classic lesson in vision, goal setting, and focus.

Bonsai trees are living things cultivated to match the vision of their owner.  Clamps and wires are used to shape the trunk and branches.  Regular watering and feeding are used to keep the tree healthy.  Repotting must occur as the tree grows, and at times grafting enhances the trees aesthetics.  With the right cultivation, much of the owner’s vision is realized.  But without focus, it becomes a shaggy bush.

It is the same in business.  Do you have a “bonsai tree” vision?  Can you see what you are trying to achieve?  Have you communicated it to the rest of the team – and do they know and understand how to accomplish the vision?

Or is it just growing (or dying) without a vision, getting “shaggier” until you need to prune and cut off the no longerdesired.  And you only get the resultsthat come from a lack of planning and cultivation.

A coach can help you create a clear vision, and a plan toget there.  In many cases a larger and bolder one that you might create on your own. Then provide motivation and accountability to help you get there faster.

The first step is yours. I want to help.  Contact me here to get started.


“If come from inside you, always the right one.” 
–  Kesuke Miyagi

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