Covid-19 has hit us in a way that was scarcely imaginable.  It also has humbled us to know how little control we have over our businesses and in life.

You’ve been knocked down by this situation.  You are not alone.

Step 1: Get Up.  Don’t lay there overanalyzing what hit you.  If you don’t get up, the fight is over.  And most of the time, we never saw the punch that was coming.  You are not measured by where you are now, but by how you finish.  Take the first step by getting up!

Step 2: Understand Your Situation.  Don’t dwell on what put you down.  That won’t change.  Deal with the immediate and get to a stable place.  There is time to learn the “big” lessons later.  Watch for follow up punches.  Protect yourself.  If you don’t keep your business alive, you lose the opportunity to pay employees, service your customers, and fulfill your dreams.

Step 3: Go On The Offensive.  Times are tough for almost everyone.  Times are different for everyone.  Don’t just go back to what you were doing before.  Look at what is available to you and take advantage of today.  Now is the perfect opportunity to stop letting the past hold you back and start making the changes that write a new future.

I’m in the same situation.

In my market, no one is buying, so I’m not going to waste time trying to sell.  Instead, I am going to work on providing a better solution with higher value when things settle down.  To do this, I need to remain practiced, keep my skills sharp, and continue to learn from business owners.

Here is a couple of things I’m doing now that might benefit you.

First, I’m offering all business owners one free hour of coaching.  We can use all the business friends we have to help talk through the decisions before us.  The free hour carries no commitment or obligation for future work.  The topic is your choice.  To schedule your free hour, click here to find a day and time that works for both of us.  We will meet via video conference or phone call.

Second, I’m conducting a free 90-minute webinar on the Personal Purpose Process.  If you know your purpose (and your business’ purpose), you have a framework for making strategic decisions instead of reactive and transactional ones.  Purpose gives you a plan.  Without a plan, there is no hope. The Personal Purpose Process webinar is on Wednesday, April 8th, from 9 am to 10:30 am CST.  You can register for this webinar by clicking here.

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses for over 30 years, in times of turnaround and times of growth.  I have earned scars and wisdom from leading a company through the great recession in 2007-2009, so my experience is especially relevant now.

Boxing trainers will tell you the greatness of a fighter is demonstrated by how they respond after getting knocked down for the first time.  Champions learn to live with the incident and put it behind them.  Lesser fighters never get over the fear.





“You may not be responsible for getting knocked down.
But you’re certainly responsible for getting back up.”

– Wally “Famous” Amos

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