Out in the ocean, as long as you see the barest edge of the land, you know exactly where you are.  But move a few yards in the wrong direction, and the horizon disappears.  Without that visual beacon, it is easy to lose your bearings.  You have no idea where you are, or even how to get back to where you belong.

In this illustration, the land is your purpose, usually your existing business.  The ocean is your desire to roam and try new things.  Neither is bad.  It just is.  But sometimes we become competitive, even obsessed, about new things.  It grows into an idea, then to a distraction, and eventually becomes an obsession.  The ROI of the new thing becomes fungible.  The development of the new idea is coming at the expense of the old.  And the cost has not been calculated.

Unwilling to give up the new idea.  Afraid of the impact on the old. Unsure of the consequence of whether or which to choose.  You can no longer see the horizon.

You are lost at sea.  And as a leader, it is lonely at the top. Who do you talk to?

Here is where a coach can help.  A coach can’t know your business or industry as well as you, so they can’t tell you what to do.  A coach serves as an objective third-party who can help you think things through.  The coach will help you be aware of all the things to consider, and at the same time, keep you from overthinking.  To ensure you understand and choose among the consequences (because all decisions have them).  To help you make timely and great decisions.

You don’t have to be “lost” to benefit from a coach.  One of my clients calls me his “professional best friend.”  I’m proud of that and continue to work hard to earn that trust.

If you have thought you might benefit from a coach because after all, two heads are better than one.  Contact me here and let’s set up a call to see if we are a good fit for each other.

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