The Unappreciated Leadership Trait That Powers All The Rest

As part of a research project I compiled the “best” leadership traits from over 100 sources, including several that aggregated their information from other sources. The total list comprised 237 different attributes.

The most frequently listed attributes were expected. They were:

  • Communication
  • Decisiveness
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Confidence

However what was a surprise (at least to me) was how infrequently the key trait to their effectiveness of these top traits appeared.

I’m speaking about CONSISTENCY.

Consistency was only mentioned FOUR times!

Consistent communication is timely and directional. It lets the organization know you are informed and supportive. It provides the feedback necessary to be proactive and responsive. Inconsistent communication, no matter how beautiful the graphics or words, is arbitrary and confusing.

Consistent decisiveness is fast and empowering. It requires a process that demonstrates the ability to quickly gather data, identify and consider alternatives, and make a clear decision. Inconsistent decision-making, whether in time or manner, results in confusion and unhealthy politics.

Consistent honesty is powerful and reinforces culture. Honesty is not simply spewing facts. Honesty is speaking, and behaving, in a way that the truth is understood. Inconsistent honesty is contrived. In other words inconsistent honesty is dishonesty.

Consistent integrity is called… integrity. Consistent integrity is the foundation of your company’s values and culture. Contrarily, only behaving according to your values when it is convenient tells everyone values are optional. In other words, they make a great poster.

Consistent confidence demonstrates humility, competence and control. Consistent confidence doesn’t mean you always know the answer or what to do. Nor does it mean that you should pretend you do. It is the knowing that you will. Inconsistent confidence is conceit.

Consistency amplifies and strengthens every trait of leadership. It requires planning and forethought. Consistency is commitment. It is intentional.

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“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives.

It’s what we do consistently.” 

– Anthony Robbins


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