8 Critical Questions for Succession Planning


Here are 8 key questions you must have the answers to in order to be successful in a smooth succession of role, or responsibility.

  1. Are you trying to hire a better you?
  1. Have you written your new job description?
  1. Have you defined the success of your new leader as an outcome, or a goal?
  1. What objective metrics indisputably mean success to you?
  1. What are the top 3 things to be done… and why haven’t you already done them?
  1. Have you defined failure?
  1. Have you committed to fire the new leader – if things don’t work out?
  1. How will you reward the new leader – when they do?





“One of the things we often miss in succession planning is that it should be gradual and thoughtful, with lots of sharing of information and knowledge and perspective, so that it’s almost a non-event when it happens.”

– Anne M. Mulcahy



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