In a football game, it means to leave it all on the field in the fourth quarter to win.

In a football season, it means to win enough games to meet the goal.  Many coaches break the season down into quarters and change tactics to maximize the opportunity.

In a football team’s lifetime, it is about legacy. Legacy includes, games won and winning seasons. But it is much more than that. Legacy is championships won. Legacy is players. Legacy is fan and community impact. Legacy includes the ability to continue or change.

Your legacy is what you leave behind when it’s time to walk away.

And we all eventually walk away.  It’s the same with a business. At first, you’re doing whatever you can to get a customer, and the win or loss is how well you take care of them. Over time you win more and lose less, growing comfortable with your record. Things are good. And now is the time to consider your legacy. What is it you want to maximize when you leave it behind? Money? Retirement? Inheritance?

Strategize Your Exit

As a friend pointed out to me, there are only three things you can do with a business after you are finished. You can (1) sell it, (2) leave it to your family, or (3) shut it down. The result of choice may mean you need to change the way you operate the business today.

Regardless of your choice, you need a plan and a strategy to get there. And the best time to do this is now when you have time and flexibility on your side.

It’s what we call “Closing Strong.”

Do you have a plan to close strong? If not, contact me here. We want to help.



“Keith’s slogan of helping you have more fun and make more money is no joke. He is not there to pump you up and leave you hanging. He gave me real, concrete advice and solutions for a business that I thought had little chance to go anywhere. He was able to open my mind to additional revenue streams, increased profits, and having FUN while I did it. On top of that, he’s well networked and has been able to put me in touch with all kinds of business resources I would never have had access to on my own. I put off getting a coach for far too long because I thought I could never justify the cost. Now, with the increased revenue and profitability he has helped us achieve, I cannot imagine running my business without him. Well worth it!”

– Sarah Rivera, CEO, American Wrecker Service

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