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The one thing you can’t do for yourself… is to coach yourself. Here’s why. You can’t see what you can’t see. Everyone has blind spots. A coach can be an extra set of eyes to assist you in “seeing” and understanding things going on in your organization, marketplace, or even within your leadership team, that…
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The First Three Answers You Need Each Week To Run A Business

At times in my career I was asked to take the helm of organizations that were struggling. Sometimes it required a turn around. Other times a jumpstart out of malaise. Either required a closer than usual monitoring of financial performance. Here are the first three questions I asked each week. Do We Have Enough Cash?…
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Purpose: The Big Why

As a CEO coach, I’m often called on to help address a specific problem. But as the solution is identified and put in place we then turn to how the problem occurred, or more often, why. The answer to why is someone made a decision (or didn’t make a decision) in line with the company’s…
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Herding Cats

Ever and feel like you spend a lot of time “herding cats.” Do you spend time wondering: Why don’t they just do what they are supposed to? Why do I have to do all the thinking around here? Why can’t they just do what they are told? Before you start banging your head against the…
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How To Implement The Three Questions

The Three Questions work because you are creating and reinforcing a relationship with your customer. And you are paying them the compliment of asking their input. Everyone likes positive attention – so be positive! Don’t act like you are a burden to them. You are asking their opinion on a few things. It makes them…
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These Three Questions Will Raise Your Income By 10% (And Customer Satisfaction Too)

Here are three fundamental questions you should ask your customers every time you speak with them. Why do you buy from me? Why did you choose me over my competitors? How can I earn more business from you?   I remember working with one company about to launch a new marketing campaign. We had called several…
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