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Be Nice

A while ago I was contacted by a couple of people I know who wanted to meet to discuss my interest in becoming the new CEO of a company. They were investors and board members of the company.   I had already heard the company had severe p programs. But to my great surprise no more…
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When The Leader Emerges

There is much talk these days about leadership. But to me, leadership is not as simple as skill or poise or authority. And I don’t think you become a leader in a classroom. It is much more than just a management approach. But in the good times it is hard to tell a gifted manager…
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Some all-too common business “cheats.” Marketing Undeliverables. Marketing produces attention grabbing and enticing stories that attract prospects. Now what do you do with the attention? If you allude things you can’t do to get them to take the next step, you erode confidence (of the prospect and your team) no matter how valuable what you…
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10 Things Everyone Should Know When Entering The Workplace

  A score of 90% is only an “A” in school. In the workplace 90% is only a passing score. Unlike college, there are much higher grades than “A” in the workplace. Only the problems in school all have answers. The ability to quickly assess whether a problem has a ready answer, identify how much…
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Four Responsibilities A CEO Cannot Delegate (and why)

One of the most common tasks I have is to help a CEO in writing their own job description. Since they work in a variety of industries and possess diverse talents and strengths, much of the job description is different for each individual. But there are four responsibilities essential to a CEO’s job description and…
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A Powerful Tool and Underutilized Tool for Business Leaders

It Is Lonely At The Top Yeah it’s a cliché, but it’s also true. I’ve mentioned this in several postings because it is something every CEO has to deal with to achieve clarity and peace of mind. One underutilized tool to help with this is a CEO peer groups (also called CEO roundtables). A CEO…
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