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THE ELEPHANT AND THE DEER (an Elephant Tales story)

elephant tales

As the Elephant’s company continued to grow, he noticed his team of ants struggle to keep up with the volume of work.  The ants worked hard, and he hired new ones as fast as possible, but the higher volumes and faster turnarounds seemed beyond the ants’ skill and experience. The Elephant decided to hire a…

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The commercial message for the KIND® protein bar was a smart play on words, “Nice tells you what you want to hear, but kind is honest.” It brought me back to a time long ago that taught me to be kind, instead of nice. I was at a software company, and we were having difficulties finding new…

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It’s that time of year when we get a clear view of how the year will turn out.  There is still much business to do, but the planning is complete, and the decisions made.  You can begin assessing how your organization performed. One more question, how did YOU do this year?  As the organization’s leader,…

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The First Three Answers You Need Each Week To Run A Business

At times in my career I was asked to take the helm of organizations that were struggling. Sometimes it required a turn around. Other times a jumpstart out of malaise. Either required a closer than usual monitoring of financial performance. Here are the first three questions I asked each week. Do We Have Enough Cash?…

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The Elephant and His Brother-In-Law

“I just don’t get it!” trumpeted the Elephant. “We have a great product! We have a great reputation! And our service is unparalleled!” “Why are our competitors growing so much faster than us!” he complained to the consultant. The consultant looked at the pile of papers before her, all information she requested of the Elephant.…

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