These Three Questions Will Raise Your Income By 10% (And Customer Satisfaction Too)

Here are three fundamental questions you should ask your customers every time you speak with them.

  1. Why do you buy from me?
  2. Why did you choose me over my competitors?
  3. How can I earn more business from you?  

I remember working with one company about to launch a new marketing campaign. We had called several clients in for an early peek and feedback. The theme was how the company was the most innovative in its industry, including a long list of “firsts.”

The presentation was impressive, and everyone was excited about the reception. Then I asked one of the clients the first question.

“Is this why you buy from this company?”

After an uncomfortable silence, they said, “No.”

“Then why do you buy from this company?”

“Well,” they said, “It is because your staff is experienced and many have done my job in the past. I know when I call my issue is understood – so I get great service.”

“Hmmm,” I asked another client. “Is innovation why you buy from this company?”

“No.” they admitted. “In fact, I honestly don’t think the company is that innovative.”

Well, you know where things went from there. The campaign was scrapped. But the conversation led to a successful new one.

I’ve found one of the major mistakes made by businesses is we don’t talk to our customers, or even when we do we fail to ask them the right questions.

Try these three questions. They work.

I can show you how to pose these questions to the correct people. And how to grow your business with their responses.

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“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

– Tony Robbins

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