I’ve found the leaders who choose to work with me are first seeking a consigliere, a counselor.  Someone loyal and trustworthy. Someone confidential and discreet.   Someone who listens and seeks to understand.  Someone who speaks objective truth without judgment.  

  • I am an effective mentor for a leader whose business is stuck or those struggling with the transition from individual to team leadership.  Mentors have been where you want to be and are able to guide you along the pathway.
  • I am an effective coach who understands how lonely it can be at the top and who wants to examine their own thoughts and follow through by working on their business, not just in it.  Coaches expand you so you can reach more of your goals.
  • I am an effective advisor for areas in my expertise, including pivoting businesses, overcoming competitive or economic issues, new product creation, expanding professional services, and creating client engagement that sticks.
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CEO Coaching.  An organization can only grow as far as its leader will take it.  I work one-on-one with you to bring clarity to your purpose, to add definition to your goals and strategies, and gather the leadership skills needed to align and motivate the organization.  Coaching doesn't give you answers - it helps you find the answers that are best for you. For more information click here to schedule a free 15-minute conversation.

Business Advisor and/or MentorAdvisors have experience in working through the issues that leaders face.  They can offer advice and guidance to help you along the way.  Mentors have been where you want to go or perhaps have even worked in your industry.  From executive and leadership positions, I have led multiple small businesses in overcoming plateaus, pivoting out of competitive and economic issues, and growing from millions to tens of millions, at times selling for strategic value.  Click here to find out more or just "pick my brain" to see if we are a good match.

Solopreneur Roundtable. Exclusively for solopreneurs and the owners of start-ups.  We meet monthly via Zoom to discuss and offer advice for the problems we are encountering in our business.  A great way to learn from your peers, both by getting advice and learning from what is offered to others, and creating your own network of "professional best friends."  Click here to find out more and apply for this roundtable.

Breaking Eggs Roundtable. For experienced entrepreneurs.  We meet monthly via Zoom to discuss and help our members gain clarity and objective advice for the issues and ideas that come up in our companies. It is lonely at the top and the members become your private advisory group, often meeting on their own outside of the roundtables.  Click here to find out more and apply for this roundtable.


30 Days to Clarity.  A lack of clarity in business purpose devolves strategy and planning into opportunity chasing.  Clarity on a company's purpose and alignment on goals and decision making allow everyone to get on the same page. When everyone is on the same page, work becomes more meaningful and productive, which leads to having more fun and making more money.  This 30-day program helps business owners identify your personal purpose, the business purpose, and company mission ("as is") and vision ("to be"), the elements needed for clarity and preparation for alignment.  Click here to find out more or enroll in this program.

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Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh's famous image of a defiant Winston Churchill.

“Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong – these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.”

-Winston Churchill

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Nooshin Yahzari

Optimum CS: Owner

Keith is one of the most knowledgeable, practical, intelligent, and passionate business coaches I’ve ever worked with. His diverse experience and wealth of knowledge in leadership, technology, culture development, financial management, and business operation is unique and his dedication to his clients is unmatched. I’ve learned so much from Keith and will continue to engage him as an advisor and couch for our business in the coming years.

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Darrell Haun

Solarcraft, Inc.: CEO

One thing I wish I had figured out a long time ago was the value of having a coach. Like him or no, Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks in football history, has a coach. I currently utilize about four coaches and one of the best I’ve seen is Keith Okano.
Keith and I have been working together for about six months. He has a way of asking great questions that get my mind thinking in the right direction which then leads to me asking him great questions. He is not afraid to tell me when he disagrees with what I’m doing – which is what I need.
I am proud to recommend Keith as a business coach. Let him inspire you the way he has me.

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Lisa Anhaiser

LBL Event Rentals: Owner

Some people look at coaching as a luxury but I truly believe it is a necessity for the Owners of businesses of any size. As owners, it is easy to get in your own head and lose focus of goals. Keith has helped get my financials dashboard in order, understand the worth of my business and my value in the business equation. I am taking the steps to become an owner instead of being an operator.
As a small business, I rely on my mentor as a sounding board. Insight from an outside party helps give, ideas as well as problems, perspective, create solutions and define goals. The value of a good Mentor/Coach goes beyond the initial monetary cost and translates directly to the bottom line.

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Dan Williams

Mosaic Consulting: Owner

“I began consulting with Keith when I was at a critical phase in my leadership role. I spent so much of my time working on client projects that I was not giving my position as company President the attention it needed. When I reached out to Keith I was struck by his desire to understand and absorb everything about my company that he could. With that clarity, he provided insight and ideas that I would have missed on my own. As a result, I made some tough (but good) choices for the business, and have taken important steps to be a strategic leader with a vision for better management and growth. He's a great resource when external wisdom is needed. You'd be smart to work with him.”

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Chris Denny

Lead Optimize, LLC: Owner

“Keith drives confidence and action. His combination of experience-based advice and mastery of developing financial and strategic models to drive business decisions and action are specifically what helped me most. Keith helped boost my confidence in making the right decisions to take my business to the next stage of growth. Any small or medium business owner or leader should give him a call. I'm so glad I met him.”

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Debbie Elder

Shady Oak Primary School: Owner and Director

"Keith Okano is a true business person's coach. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, it is time to invest in yourself and hire Keith! His strategies and methodologies are uniquely designed for you and tailored to meet your specific growth plan. As the facilitator of Silver Fox CEO Roundtable discussions Keith allows the meetings to flow and gently keeps us on track and incredibly productive. Do yourself a favor and contact Keith now to see how he can serve your needs."