Personal Purpose Process Book




Our PURPOSE in life is to fully express who we are, who we (Be) right now. As we begin to do this, we benefit both ourselves and others by becoming a ROLE MODEL of who we truly are in such a way that it is an example for all those in our lives; inspiring, empowering, enabling, encouraging them, and thereby making a real difference in the world.

If we can truly ‘get it,’ at a profound level, that when we pursue the Purpose for which we were made, we are endowed by Our Maker with unlimited power and ability.  We will accomplish the grand Purpose God has for us and create grand results. We’ll contribute far more by expressing our true, natural, ever-present magnificence, than we ever could by trying to improve on ourselves, trying to become someone we are not.

So, for any of us to maximize our personal effectiveness and contribution in life, we must know at a profound level 1) who we are, 2) what we have been called on to exemplify, and 3) to whom we will model it – our Personal Purpose.

This book is a self-study guide covering the entire Personal Purpose Process and includes the worksheets from the workshop.  Price includes shipping.


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