What Our Clients Say...

Lucio Vallarta

Lucio Vallarta

The Lamb Financial Planning

"The value that Keith has brought to my business has been absolute. Not only has his mentorship made me a better entrepreneur, but the synergy he has created by exposing me to his sphere-of-influence has brought real bottom-line results! In short, I DOUBLED my revenue within a year of working with Keith. Tremendous ROI and VOI. Simply put, you need him on your team! "



Sheila Bertelsen

Sit Stay Obey Academy

"Keith was a lifesaver for me, personally and professionally. I am the epitome of every entrepreneur: I had found a way to make money, without spending much money, doing what I love. However, due to some unpleasant life circumstances, I found myself going in too many directions, with the sole purpose of increasing my income. Keith helped narrow my focus, and within two weeks of meeting with him, I was closing nearly 100% in sales while charging double my previous rates. I am so grateful for him. He had faith in what my heart beat for when fear was setting in."



Adam Hetrick

The Credit Repairmen
Chief Executive Officer

"Working with Keith has made a significant impact on both my business and my personal life. His philosophy to be both a coaching and a mentor is leading me to a better version of myself. I highly recommend discussing your situation and goals with Keith to learn how he can do the same for you."



Sarah Rivera

American Wrecker Service

"Keith's slogan of helping you have more fun and make more money is no joke. He is not there to pump you up and leave you hanging. He gave me real, concrete advice and solutions for a business that I thought had little chance to go anywhere. He was able to open my mind to additional revenue streams, increased profits and having FUN while I did it. On top of that, he's well networked and has been able to put me in touch with all kinds of business resources I never would have had access to on my own. I put off getting a coach for far too long because I thought I could never justify the cost. Now, with the increased revenue and profitability he has helped us achieve, I cannot imagine running my business without him. Well worth it!" 


debbie elder

Debbie Elder

Shady Oak Primary School
Owner and Director

"Keith Okano is a true business person's coach. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, it is time to invest in yourself and hire Keith! His strategies and methodologies are uniquely designed for you and tailored to meet your specific growth plan. As the facilitator of Silver Fox CEO Roundtable discussions Keith allows the meetings to flow and gently keeps us on track and incredibly productive. Do yourself a favor and contact Keith now to see how he can serve your needs."


John Martin

Martin Company
(Electronic Engineering)

"Keith Okano is very good at helping executives of a company evaluate the company business and make improvements in strategy, people and processes to achieve the desired goals. I recommend him as a coach to company executives."



Chris Denny

Lead Optimize
(Marketing, Web Design, SEO)

"Keith drives confidence and action. His combination of experience-based advice and mastery of developing financial and strategic models to drive business decisions and action are specifically what helped me most. Keith helped boost my confidence in making the right decisions to take my business to the next stage of growth. Any small or medium business owner or leader should give him a call. I'm so glad I met him."


JW Moody Rambin

Jay Wall

Moody Rambin: Houston Tenant Representation Specialist, Public Speaker, Guest Columnist, Community Change Agent

"If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them."


Angelo Whitfield - Sophus Consulting

Angelo Whitfield

Sophus Consulting
(Public Sector Information Technology and Services Consulting)

"I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Keith over the last five years as an IT service partner and most recently as a client of Closing Strong. Keith’s intimate knowledge and understanding of the challenges of the legal technology and consulting industry has been invaluable and would be difficult to replicate. His perceptiveness and insight based on years of direct leadership experience has provided me with the guidance needed to make changes that positively impact the bottom line.

One of the most important things my sessions with Keith provide, is the dedicated time to review my challenges and assess my decisions. Keith is quickly able to understand the situation, drill down on the actual issue and make me confront them. In the very short time we have worked together in this capacity, Keith has helped me to identify and focus on some of my biggest challenges towards developing a strategy for growing the firm without compromising our values.

I have no hesitation in recommending Keith. I am confident I’ll continue to leverage his guidance as we advance to the next phase."


Darrell Haun - Solarcraft, Inc.

Darrell Haun

Solarcraft, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

"One thing I wish I had figured out a long time ago was the value of having a coach. Like him or no, Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks in football history, has a coach. I currently utilize about four coaches and one of the best I’ve seen is Keith Okano.
Keith and I have been working together for about six months. He has a way of asking great questions that get my mind thinking in the right direction which then leads to me asking him great questions. He is not afraid to tell me when he disagrees with what I’m doing – which is what I need.
I am proud to recommend Keith as a business coach. Let him inspire you the way he has me."


Gaye Jackson

Gaye Jackson

Lemonade Day
Houston City Director

"Keith Okano is helping me to take our organization to the next level in all areas. His coaching is on target for each situation I have encountered be it organizational, recruits, board members, accounting etc. I can not say enough good things about Keith. He is not only ethical and positive but a straight talker that has always brought me to where I need to be at the end of our sessions. Thank you Keith!”


neal benedict

Neal Benedict

Silver Brick Sales Solutions
(Sandler Sales Training)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Keith in three different capacities. He led a very engaging Silver Fox Advisors group that I was always excited to attend. He is an exceptional meeting facilitator and has an uncanny knack for knowing how much to listen, how much feedback to give and when only questions are needed. The second is as an advisor to shared clients. He was an experienced sounding board regarding strategy and execution for client companies we shared. He held us accountable and always productively guided our commitments. In the third instance, he introduced me to the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. I witnessed him providing guidance and true care for the men in the program. He is a committed and passionate leader who understands how to cut through politics, complacency and fear to challenge any organization (or individual) to change in order to grow. If you want to face what’s holding you back and you need someone to help you facilitate real change Keith is your guy.”



Dan Williams

Mosaic Consulting
(Legal Operations Consulting)

“I began consulting with Keith when I was at a critical phase in my leadership role. I spent so much of my time working on client projects that I was not giving my position as company President the attention it needed. When I reached out to Keith I was struck by his desire to understand and absorb everything about my company that he could. With that clarity, he provided insight and ideas that I would have missed on my own. As a result, I made some tough (but good) choices for the business, and have taken important steps to be a strategic leader with a vision for better management and growth. He's a great resource when external wisdom is needed. You'd be smart to work with him.”


alex cestero

Alex Cestero

AccuFleet International
(Airline Services)

“Keith did a great job for us helping AccuFleet International design and run a multi-day strategic planning retreat. He helped me curate materials and topics for the participants, including pre-retreat “homework” and surveys, and then facilitated the discussions had by the senior leadership team.”



Ron Norsworthy

Home Helpers Fort Bend
(Home Healthcare)

“Keith Okano is an excellent business coach and mentor. Specifically, he helped me make the right decision-making choices related to Client Services while simultaneously improving my bottom line by increasing my gross profit margins. I increased my bottom line significantly by implementing his recommendations. I came to realize over time in working with Keith that he was always prepared for any "unfamiliar situations" I feared by understanding with clarity the issues before sharing his ideas on how to resolve the concerns. Keith is genuinely committed to helping his clients succeed. He is passionate about his work and finds time to assist others in the community through his volunteer endeavors. I loved working with Keith. One of the finest in his profession.”

Reynaldo Sanchez - Pinpoint Movers

Reynaldo Sanchez

Pinpoint Movers
Chief Executive Officer

"Keith has been a tremendous help to my company. From helping me with strategy in daily operations to company vision and purpose, Keith has imparted wisdom and direction which has benefited my company greatly. I am very grateful to have him as a CEO coach."


Amanda George - Sterling Associates

Amanda George

Sterling Associates
(Nonprofit Management Consulting)

"For the past few months I have been meeting with Keith and find our conversations to be the highlight of each month. I leave each meeting feeling like I have a heightened level of clarity, inspiration to continue challenging myself as a leader and motivation to think about things in a new way. Keith provides such a balance in his coaching: he gives advice, shares anecdotes from his extensive personal experience, asks the right questions, pushes me to think and act boldly and provides genuine encouragement.”


Bob Tipton - R S Tipton, Inc.

Bob Tipton

Team Tipton
(Change Management)
Chief Executive Officer

"I've known Keith for years, and his ability to translate deep leadership lessons into easily-relatable messages has been part of his "special sauce" as long as I've known him. I'm so pleased he collected his messages into "Elephant Tales" -- it's an inspirational read, filled with practical, powerful leadership advice. My advice? Get a copy for yourself, and one for all the members of your team. Thanks, Keith!"



Chip Cooper

SaaS Marketer Pro
(SaaS Contracts and Agreements)
SaaS, IT, and Compliance Attorney

"Keith is a true leader; he’s got great, natural leadership skills. My experience as an officer in the military has confirmed that leadership can be taught – to a point, beyond which instinctive leadership traits emerge, but only from the exceptional leaders. That’s where Keith shines. Keith creates an inspiring vision for organizational goals. And then he knows how to inspire and motivate his team to achieve those goals. He takes teamwork to a whole new level. Keith’s team members routinely exceed their performance expectations.”


Pam Parkman

Pam Parkman

Empowered Women of Purpose
Executive Director

"Keith does an incredible job of helping others to identify and define their personal purpose. His support of Empowered Women of Purpose Prison Program has been tremendously helpful to the incarcerated ladies who are charting a path to their new life. Even if you are not "in prison", we all need to clearly understand our personal purpose, set goals for our future and have a plan for success. Keith can help you do this in an encouraging and easy to understand process. I highly recommend his services for you, or your team!"


Lisa Amosu

Lisa Amosu

My Trendy Place

"Keith is a forward-thinking intelligent CEO who is full of knowledge. He’s a pure joy to work with. Just a genuine expert who goes the extra mile with his clients. His patience, understanding and hands-on approach coupled with exceptional enthusiasm to see his clients soar is amazing. Keith has a powerful personality and is an expert in learning what his client's needs are and delivering the best methods for success. He is insightful, consistent and methodical. As a client, Keith earned my highest recommendation."



Nooshin Yahzari

Optimum CS
Owner, Business Optimization Strategist

"Keith is one of the most knowledgeable, practical, intelligent, and passionate business coaches I’ve ever worked with. His diverse experience and wealth of knowledge in leadership, technology, culture development, financial management, and business operation is unique and his dedication to his clients is unmatched. I’ve learned so much from Keith and will continue to engage him as an advisor and coach for our business in the coming years."



Lisa Anhaiser

LBL Event Rentals

"Some people look at coaching as a luxury but I truly believe it is a necessity for the Owners of businesses of any size. As owners, it is easy to get in your own head and lose focus on your goals. Keith has helped get my financials dashboard in order, understand the worth of my business and my value in the business equation. I am taking the steps to become an owner instead of being an operator.

As a small business, I rely on my mentor as a sounding board. Insight from an outside party helps give, ideas as well as problems, perspective, create solutions and define goals. The value of a good Mentor/Coach goes beyond the initial monetary cost and translates directly to the bottom line."



Tania Melick

Career and Business Executive Coach
Ideation & Process Improvement Facilitator

“Keith is a business and executive coach who delivers real value. He is very well versed in business and coaching and as such is able to provide an excellent balance between coaching, advising, informing and challenging. Keith’s clients benefit from his incredible perspective due to his vast business and life experience. Keith is authentic, practical, easy to interact with and genuinely cares for his clients. Working with Keith means reaching one’s targets in a timely manner with a dash of fun and lots of practical learnings and insights”


Ted Swailes

Swailes and Company
(Investigations, Forensic Investigation)

"Keith is a fantastic business coach, mentor, and leader. His ability to assess the issue at hand, which is not always what it appears to be and not only bring clarity but actionable recommendations is incredible. Equally impressive is the way in which he can lead a discussion, inclusive with everyone involved in a calm and uplifting manner. If you're reading this and don't already know him, I encourage you to click the Contact button above and reach out to him today."


barbara lane

Barbara Lane

Meetings on Pointe, Inc.
(Business Consulting)

"Both Jennifer and I thoroughly enjoyed your nice vs. kind concept. It was very thought-provoking. We recalled many times where we were being “nice” rather than “kind”.  I can’t count how many presentations we’ve heard over the past 25 years, but I can tell you that yesterday’s was in the top 10! You’ve made an impact on how we will operate our business (and our client’s business) going forward."



Walter Silin - The Bauen Group LLC

Walter Silin

The Bauen Group LLC
(Information Technology/Custom Development)

"Since I started working with Keith he has functioned as both challenger and cheerleader, helping me grow as a business leader and as a person. In the time that Keith has worked with me our business has doubled and will continue to grow into the future. He has shown me what I can achieve by trusting my instincts while staying disciplined and focused. Keith continues to help me grow each week and stay focused on both my business and personal goals. I know that Keith will continue to be an important coach and friend in the future as we work together to help The Bauen Group realize its full potential!"


USA Industries

Tracy Sue

USA Industries
Chief Executive Officer

“Keith is an extremely smart and wise mentor. His calm and calculated approach to business, and life, makes him a valued advisor...If you know Keith, you are blessed!”



Royce Heslep

Aptia Systems
(Custom Programming)

"Keith is a coach that delivers real value. As an entrepreneur, I was trying to do too much. He helped me get focused on the right things. It is great to have someone that can see the big picture and thinks about ways to increase ROI on your time and resources. He is an expert at helping with strategic planning. Keith is also a pleasure to work with and is a great networker.”


Al Mueller - Excellence in Giving

Al Mueller

Excellence in Giving
(Philanthropic Advisory Firm)

"Keith has the ability to learn new businesses and organizations quickly, and to adopt their missions as his own. However his true gifts lie in being able to become part of the team in developing the appropriate strategy and goals, and define the processes and KPIs needed to fulfill it with great efficiency."