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Trust is Essential to Leadership. People enter new relationships with a degree of trust.  Then trust either grows or recedes as the relationship develops.  If people don’t trust you, they might follow your instructions (kind of), but they won’t follow you. In Stephen M. R. Covey’s best-selling book, “The Speed of Trust: The One Thing…

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Years ago I joined a company just as they were preparing to launch a new (and expensive) marketing campaign. A focus group comprised of a dozen customers was invited to preview the campaign. As the new executive, I was asked to attend. The central message of the campaign was “innovation.” Its focus centered upon all…

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The one thing you can’t do for yourself… is to coach yourself. Here’s why. You can’t see what you can’t see. Everyone has blind spots. A coach can be an extra set of eyes to assist you in “seeing” and understanding things going on in your organization, marketplace, or even within your leadership team, that…

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Managing The Two “Black Holes” of Business

Marketing and Customer Service are the two “black holes” of business. Both are critical, but neither is ever complete. Unlike more tangible areas of work there is no “quota” to exceed, there is no “inventory” to manage, there is no “work order” to complete. But no matter how much is invested in Marketing and Customer…

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The Best Non-Profits Have Much In Common With For-Profits

Over the years I’ve had the blessing of serving non-profits as a volunteer, board member, leadership coach, and as a strategy and performance evaluator. And one big thing has jumped out at me. The best non-profits have much in common with for-profits. Especially in terms of goal setting and strategies. They don’t mistake good works…

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A Crisis in Business Identity

A company who hit a business downturn contacted me, seeking my help with improving their alignment and efficiency. The deeper I dug I realized this was not an alignment issue. It was an identity crisis. The company had grown quickly. Their rapid success had the company running to keep up, and the inflow of money…

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The Unappreciated Leadership Trait That Powers All The Rest

As part of a research project I compiled the “best” leadership traits from over 100 sources, including several that aggregated their information from other sources. The total list comprised 237 different attributes. The most frequently listed attributes were expected. They were: Communication Decisiveness Honesty Integrity Confidence However what was a surprise (at least to me)…

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Be Nice

A while ago I was contacted by a couple of people I know who wanted to meet to discuss my interest in becoming the new CEO of a company. They were investors and board members of the company.   I had already heard the company had severe p programs. But to my great surprise no more…

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Turning Your Thoughts Into Action

If you are like most CEOs I know your head is overflowing with many new and exciting ideas. New products. Sales promotions. Program enhancements. Innovative equipment. Better customer engagement. There are also not so exciting things in your head. Worries about cash flow. Increasing the margin on sales. Managing inventory and overstock items. Poor quality…

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