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  I thought it was obvious the answer is no.  Yet a Google search produced 111,000,000 results of debate, justification, and philosophizing in less than one second.  Regardless of the discussion, the end never justifies the means.  This belief is an essential part of humanity. I know you already know this. Still, sometimes amid the…

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The one thing you can’t do for yourself… is to coach yourself. Here’s why. You can’t see what you can’t see. Everyone has blind spots. A coach can be an extra set of eyes to assist you in “seeing” and understanding things going on in your organization, marketplace, or even within your leadership team, that…

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A Crisis in Business Identity

A company who hit a business downturn contacted me, seeking my help with improving their alignment and efficiency. The deeper I dug I realized this was not an alignment issue. It was an identity crisis. The company had grown quickly. Their rapid success had the company running to keep up, and the inflow of money…

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The Elephant and the Brown Fur Seals (An Elephant Tale)

The Elephant decides it’s time to start a new employee recognition program by doing this he can personally recognize the staff. He calls this program the Frequent Incentive for Staff Happiness or F.I.S.H. His HR Director quickly puts it in place and has F.I.S.H certificates printed up allowing him to hand them out. Each time…

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The Unappreciated Leadership Trait That Powers All The Rest

As part of a research project I compiled the “best” leadership traits from over 100 sources, including several that aggregated their information from other sources. The total list comprised 237 different attributes. The most frequently listed attributes were expected. They were: Communication Decisiveness Honesty Integrity Confidence However what was a surprise (at least to me)…

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Books, Peer Groups, and Mentors

It takes time and experience for CEOs to gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to grow their businesses and leadership teams. Three tools that can accelerate the process are books, peer groups and mentors. BOOKS. I love books and am an avid reader. I typically read about eight titles at a time ranging from business and…

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